Things to Consider when Booking an Inflatable

Before booking your inflatable it is advised that you complete the following checklist to avoid any issues or disappointment on the day

1. Is the inflatable you have chosen suitable for the purpose you have hired it for? i.e. available space, number of children it can accommodate, the age of the children etc.

2. Does your chosen location have sufficient space for the inflatable (Width-Length-Height)? If you are planning to have the inflatable inside ensure that the ceiling height can accommodate the height of the inflatable. If you are planning to have the inflatable outside make sure there are no overhead cables or trees above where you are wanting it to go.

3. If you are planning on having your inflatable on a hard surface (NOT gravel or dirt) please let us know as we will need to bring mats and sand bags to secure it down instead of pegs

4. Is your venue safe, secure and clean?

5. Check out where the nearest electric socket is. We supply a 25m extension cable with the hire. If you require a generator let us know in plenty of time as we would need to hire this. This is not included in the hire price.

6. Is there suitable access to get the inflatable to the set up area. (even rolled some castles have a width of 1m)? Please advise if the set up area is more than 10m from vehicle parking and if there are any steps as we need to ensure manual handling regulations are followed

7. Can pets be secured away from the inflatable? Strictly no animals allowed on/around the inflatable

8. If you are hiring a venue for your event have you gained permission to erect an inflatable? Some Councils/Associations have certain rules about what activities are permitted. (once the inflatable is erected and secure then full payment stands)

9. Do you have someone over 18 who can supervise the inflatable at all times?
If you are unsure about anything listed above, please ask us. We will help you to ensure your event runs smoothly and safely. We reserve the right to cancel the booking if there is anything we feel will endanger us during delivery, setting up or collection of the inflatable or that could endanger the users of the inflatables.