All Little softies NZ equipment is suitable for children under 10 years only and should not be used by adults or children over the age of 10 and/or exceeding the specified individual user weight limit. Under NO circumstances should any of Little Softies NZ equipment be sub-contracted out to a third party or used for anything other than its hired purpose.

1. Ordering

1.1 – Once the deposit/full payment has been received it is deemed and understood that the client fully agrees to and is then bound by the terms and conditions listed here and so doing enters into a contract with Little Softies
1.2 – All equipment remains the property of Little Softies at all times.
1.3 – All booked equipment is subject to availability on the hire date which can be affected by breakdown, stock
replacement or rotation, etc. Little Softies reserves the right to substitute any of the booked equipment at any time to another piece of equipment to a similar price as seen fit. Little Softies will always try to advise of this as soon as possible.
1.4 When placing a booking please ensure you have checked and understood all health and safety documentation from us and your venue if applicable. Copies of our testing and risk assessments are available to view on request. If you have any queries please contact us before booking.

2. Delivery and Collection

2.1 – Standard delivery time is between 9am and 11am and standard collection time is between 3pm and 5pm. Requests can be made for alternative delivery and collection times and we will do our best to accommodate these. The latest collection time would be 6pm
2.2 – All equipment booked will be delivered, inspected and set up on site by us. THERE IS NOT A SELF-COLLECTION OPTION
2.3 Once set up, the client or the representative acting on their behalf must then sign for the delivery by signing our terms of hire and disclaimer form.
2.4 – By signing for the equipment, the client or the representative acting on their behalf are confirming that they are happy with the equipment, location and service and that everything has been left in full working order and is fit for purpose.
2.5 – Once the equipment has been signed for any breakages, damages, losses, theft (including overnight) will then be liable by the client to the full value for either repair or replacement.
2.6 – In the event that you are unhappy with any of the equipment provided then please make your delivery person/team aware and do not sign for any of the equipment until you are happy with the resolution offered by the company. Once the equipment has been signed for, you are signing to confirm that you are happy and that any claim made after will not be accepted nor any refund offered.
2.7 – The client must not refuse the collection of the equipment for any reason.
2.8- All company items and equipment are left in the responsibility and care of the client from the time they are delivered until the time that they are collected. If collection is delayed for any reason the client is still responsible until the items are collected.

3. Delays/Breakdowns

3.1 – All delivery and collection times are approximate and the company will always try its best to ensure delivery is made on time; however there may occasionally be situations and issues outside of the company’s control such as traffic problems, delays at previous deliveries, vehicle breakdowns, etc. the company will not be held responsible or liable for any losses or costs incurred by yourselves or any forms of additional compensation. The company recommends that the client allows 1 hour either side of your delivery and collection to ensure the smooth running of your event.
3.2 – In the event of any mechanical or breakdown of equipment either before or during your event which prevents or limits us to fulfil our contracted obligations, our liability shall be limited to a pro rata refund of any monies paid in relation to the contracted item or equipment to which we are unable to provide. Where a break down occurs during an event, a pro rata refund for the remaining time booked will be applied based on the start and finish times we have from you. Any refund will also be limited to the specific item at fault and not the booking as a whole.
3.3 – All breakdowns or faults must be reported to the company ASAP via phone by the client and the equipment should then not be used from the discovery of the fault until the client is told it is safe to do so by the company. The company will then dispatch, where possible, someone to inspect the fault, provide a replacement subject to availability, and aim to fix or replace within 2 hours of reporting the fault. Any reduction of our fee is at the discretion of the company and limited only to the percentage of time the equipment is inoperable.

4. Equipment and Ownership

4.1 – All sizes and measurements quoted are approximate and are to the best of the company’s knowledge.
4.2 – All equipment remains the property of the company at all times.
4.3 – The company reserves the right to alter, amend or change the product specifications without prior notice.
4.4 – The company reserves the right to substitute any booked equipment or service with another piece of
equipment or service of a similar type and value in the event the booked equipment is damaged, stolen or double booked.
4.5 If equipment is returned excessively dirty, covered in food, drink, confetti, grass, sand, mud or face paint then a $40 cleaning charge will be deducted from the bond

5. Location

5.1 – The area allocated for setting up the bouncy castle and play equipment does not need to be perfectly level however a reasonably flat area is desirable. No more than an 8” slope per 10ft would be considered reasonable. For safety reasons bouncy castles will NEVER be set up on a hill
5.1 – The space required to operate the equipment safely may be larger than the equipment size and this
information can be found online under the individual product descriptions. It is the client’s responsibility to check that they have enough space and also the correct surface to operate the equipment booked. All bouncy castles and the foam matting for the play area need to be set up on a reasonably level grassed area free from any objects that may cause damage such as stones, wire, thorns etc and away from potential dangers such as electric cables, wire fencing, washing lines, trees etc
5.2 – On delivery, if the surface, space or venue isn’t suitable the equipment will not be set up and a full charge will be expected from the client. This includes any provisions the client has failed to inform the company of such as steps, obstructions, narrow access, excess distance to site (over 50m) etc.
5.3 – On delivery the equipment will be set up on one agreed location and will not be moved once unloaded and erected. Under no circumstances should the client attempt to move, relocate or reposition the equipment as this could then make the equipment unsafe and cause injury and/or death.
5.4 – Where the delivery needs to go through a house, property or any other area we will take the upmost care; however, any damage caused will not be accepted as our responsibility (unless negligence has taken place on our part) and this will be down to the client to repair, replace and take responsibility for.

6. Power requirements

6.1 – All bouncy castles require connecting to a standard power supply or petrol generator in order to operate. You will need to take the location of the power source into consideration when identifying your site.
6.2 – This is normally taken via a standard household plug and the number of these required will depend on the
type and number of items you have hired. If you are requiring a generator you must inform Little Softies at the time of booking so this can be arranged. An additional charge will be made for this.
6.3 – Extension leads are supplied if required. These are PAT tested every 6 months. Each bouncy castle also has a RDC (circuit breaker) for extra safety

7. Health and Safety and Supervision

7.8 – When placing a booking the client must have checked and understood all health and safety
documentation from us and if applicable from your venue for the hire to go ahead. Copies of our insurances, testing,
risk assessments, disclaimers and all other documentation are available on request. Any restrictions placed on the client after booking to which we weren’t informed of at the time of booking will not be accepted and the client will be expected to pay the full booking cost.

7.2 – Written safety instructions and a safety briefing are given immediately before the hire begins. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that these instructions are followed.

8. Liability and Insurance

8.1 – The companies public liability covers the equipment only and not the users.
8.2 – The client agrees to indemnify the company for any damage or theft of the company’s equipment whilst on hire. Our insurance theft cover doesn’t cover our equipment whilst on hire therefore the client is responsible for the cost of repair or replacement in full.
8.3 – The client agrees to indemnify the company from any property damage claim.
8.4 – The client agrees to indemnify the company from any claim of accident or injury from users of the equipment.

9. Weather

9.1 – Little Softies equipment cannot be used in rain or wind speeds exceeding 35 kmph. Little Softies will check the weather forecast the day before and morning of the hire and if persistent rain and winds are forecast then the client will be contacted to see if the equipment can be set up indoors. If this is not an option client’s will be given the option to re-book and their deposit will be carried over to the new booking. See 13. Cancellations and Re-bookings
9.3 – During periods of rain our equipment must not be used. The client must wait for the period to pass and then dry all equipment before using again. If any equipment is left to get wet you may lose your bond. It is the client’s responsibility to move/cover the equipment with a tarpaulin in the event of rain


10.1 – All bookings require a deposit at the time of booking to secure the date. The deposit amount is specified for each package. The date will not be guaranteed until the deposit is received.
10.2 – Any booking placed where a deposit is not paid within 3 days of booking could be cancelled.
10.3 – Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE if the booking is cancelled but will be carried over to re-bookings as long as the booking is re-arranged no less than 7 days before the booking date. See 13. Cancellations and Re-bookings

11. Bonds

11.1 – A bond is payable with the outstanding balance no later than 7 days/1 week before the booking date. The bond amount is stated for each piece of equipment or package.
11.2 – The bond will be refunded into the client’s bank account once the returned equipment has been inspected and there is nothing missing or any damage to the equipment due to misuse. Full/part bonds can also be kept to cover cleaning costs if the equipment is excessively dirty.
11.3 – The bond will usually be refunded within the first 24 hours of collection or as soon as the account details have been received.

12. Payments, Prices and Balances

12.1 – ALL bookings need to be paid in full (including bond) no later than 7 days/1week before the booking date. If the outstanding balance including the bond is not paid by this date the booking may be cancelled.
12.2 – All prices given and listed online are subject to change.
12.3 – All prices are inclusive of GST at the current rate.
12.4 – Discounts are available for multiple and repeat bookings.
12.5 – Bookings over $150 can be made in up to 4 instalments after the initial deposit has been made. Requests for instalment payments need to be requested at the time of booking.

13. Cancellations and re-bookings

13.1 – A full refund minus the deposit will be given for bookings that are cancelled up to 7 days/1 week before the booking date

13.2 – If cancellations are made with less than 7 days/ 1 weeks notice there is a cancellation charge of $100

13.3 – Cancellations due to bad weather– Little Softies will check the weather forecast 2 days prior to the booking date and if rain, strong winds or both are forecast will contact the client and discuss options available. The client will be asked if they have an indoor option available such as inside the house (Toddler castles and soft play equipment may fit depending on space and ceiling height), garage, rumpas room, sleep out, community hall etc.  Little Softies can assist the client in finding a suitable indoor venue if required.  If the client does not wish to have an indoor event or no suitable location can be sourced the client will be given the option to re-book another date at no extra cost.  If the client wishes to continue with their event outdoors then they do so at the risk that it may be cancelled and they will be charged the $100 cancellation fee.  If on the morning of the hire the weather is unsuitable for the equipment to be set up outdoors and the client does not wish to re-book they will be charged a $100 cancellation fee.  The call to cancel will not be made until the morning of the booking.

To avoid disappointment and cancellation or cleaning chargers It is strongly advised that during the winter season an indoor venue is booked or at least available as a back-up option.  If you chose to plan your event outdoors then this is done at your own risk.  Soft Play equipment is only available to book indoors during the winter months

13.4 –If Little Softies NZ has to cancel for reasons other than the weather the client will be offered a full refund or the option to re-book with a discount offered.

13.5 – Cancellations due to Covid 19-Little Softies are unable to operate in Levels 3 & 4.  If your party has to be cancelled due to a Covid  lockdown or you or a member of your household/party guests are displaying symptoms, in isolation, waiting test results or have come in contact with anyone suspected of having Covid then you can re-book at no extra cost or receive a full refund minus the $40 booking fee to cover administration costs

14. Complaints and Problems
14.1 – If you have any problems during the event or are unhappy in any way you must report this ASAP via phone in order for us to try and put this right. Any claims made after the hire period will not be accepted.