Booking, payment and cancellations

Making a booking is easy!

  1. Decide what equipment you would like to hire taking into account the age and number of children at your event, size and suitability of the venue. Don't forget to check out the Add Ons too!  If you are hiring a bouncy castle check out "Things to consider before hiring a bouncy castle" first.  This will tell you everything you need to be ware of when planning to hire a bouncy castle.
  2. Complete the enquiry form, please add any special requests in the comments section at the bottom
  3.  If the equipment you have chosen is available on your requested date you will receive a quote via email which will be valid for 48 hours. If your chosen equipment is not available you will be offered an alternative or asked to identify another suitable date.
  4. If you are happy with the quote and wish to continue with the booking you will be asked to pay a $40 deposit within 48 hours to secure your booking date. You will also be sent a copy of the Terms and Conditions of hire. By continuing with the booking you are agreeing to abide by these.
  5. Once the deposit has been received your booking will be confirmed and you can relax.
  6. 2 weeks before your event date you will receive an invoice for the outstanding balance including the bond and delivery charge.  If your booking is less than 2 weeks away you will be send an invoice for the full amount.
  7. On the day of your event your equipment will be delivered and set up for you and you will be given a full safety briefing for the equipment you have hired.

Its as easy as that!

Yes a small deposit of $40 is required within 48 hours of booking to secure your date. Deposits are non-refundable if you cancel but will be transferred across to re-bookings.

Yes bonds are required in case of any damages made to the equipment due to malleolus or mis-use whilst in your care.  Bonds are charged at approx 80% of the hire charge.  See Terms and Conditions of Hire section 11 for more details.

The deposit is taken within 48 hours of booking and the remaining balance including the bond no later than 7 days prior to your booking date. You will be sent an invoice for the deposit and remaining balance via email with details on how to make payment. Payment is only taken via bank transfer.  If your booking is less than 2 weeks away then you will be sent an invoice for the full amount

If you cancel more than 1 week/7 days before your booking you will receive a refund minus your $40 deposit or you can re-book for no extra charge.  Your deposit and any payments you have made will be carried over to your new booking.  If you cancel less than 1 week/7 days before your booking and do not wish to re-book then you will be charged an $80 cancellation fee (this includes the $40 deposit)

This applies to cancellations for bad weather.  See section 13 in the Terms & Conditions of Hire for more details.

See section 13 of the Terms & Conditions of Hire for details regarding cancellations due to weather.

Sites and Venues

Yes as long as there is space for the equipment you are wanting to hire and the site location is suitable.  Party and Soft Play packages and the Big Screen can be set up inside or outside (Rules apply for outdoor set up, see section on Visual Equipment, Soft Play and Party Packages for details) Some of the larger castles may not be suitable for indoor set up as this depends on the size and ceiling height of the venue.  See Terms and Conditions of Hire for information on site suitability.

This depends on the equipment you are hiring.  Some of the Soft Play equipment and the larger bouncy castles are large and require approx 1 meter horizontal width, please ensure that there is nothing blocking the access, such as overgrown bushes, tree’s, plant pots, air conditioning units etc. Please state in the booking form if there are any potential hazards or issues with access.  Please inquire if you are not sure as you will be charged the full hire if we arrive are unable to access the site/venue safely.

If there are steps you will need to notify us when making the booking especially if you are booking a commercial castle as they weigh between 90kg and 120kg and are difficult to maneuver up and down steps.  Some of the soft play equipment is also large and heavy.  If you have not informed us about steps or long distances before we arrive at your site/venue we may not be able to set up your equipment and you will be charged the full hire cost

Delivery and Collection

Yes there is a charge for delivery and collection and sorry there is no self-collection option due to health and safety reasons.  Delivery charges are based on 0.73 cent per km to and from your venue, we do not charge for our return journey.   See "Delivery Chargers" to see how much delivery is to your area.  If you are not on the list don't worry it doesn't mean we do not deliver to you, ask and we may be able to help you.

Our hire prices are based on a 6 hour Hire.  If you only want the equipment for a few hours or half a day you will still be charged the same.  Depending on your location & time of the year: ie Summer or Winter,  but as a rule we prefer the equipment to go out between 9 and 10 am and back by 4pm in the winter and no later than 7pm in the summer. Please note over due equipment will be charged out at a rate of $50 per hour.  If you are wanting to have an evening event and your event is inside then arrangements may be able to be made to collect the following morning.  This may incur an extra charge depending on distance and availability.  Castles and Soft Play equipment cannot be hired overnight for outdoor events.

This all depends on what equipment you have hired.  Bouncy Castles take between 15-20 minutes, depending on the site and the inflatable.  Party and soft play packages will take slightly longer.

No, we will set up the equipment before the requested hire time starts and it will be taken down after the requested hire time concludes. If you have not informed us of any access difficulties and it takes longer as a result then this time may be taken off your hire time.

Providing there has been no damage to the equipment whilst in your care your bond will be repaid into a bank account of your specification within 48 hours.

Bouncy Castles

We have different sized castles to suit children from age 3-10 years.  The toddler castles are suitable for 3-5 years and the commercial castles from 3-10 years.  All the castles can be set up outside or inside providing the site is suitable and there is sufficient space and height available. Visit the Castles tab for more information about the castles including size and user specifications.

See the answer above to How do I make a booking.

Yes. For the safety of the children who will use the bouncy castle. A responsible adult over 18 years of age must supervise the jumping castle at all times.

Yes for commercial events and this will be charged by the hour.  Please ask for a quote.

No there are no bouncy castles suitable for children under the age of 3 due to them having potential chocking hazards.  All bouncy castles start at age 3.  The Big Air Bounce is suitable for 3-5 years and the Happy Hop Obstacle Course is suitable from 3-6 years.

As our bouncy castles vary in size, please check the size in the description of the Castles and allow 2 metres space around the area. When pacing out a space, remember to look up and check for overhanging trees.  If you are wanting the castle inside you need to check the floor to ceiling height.

The castles need to be on grass if outside, carpet, vinyl or wooden flooring if indoors.  Ground sheets will be provided for outdoor use and foam mats for indoor use.  Inflatables cannot be set up on concrete, gravel, dirt, mud, asphalt etc.

No the inflatable can suffer abrasion damage if it is in direct contact with branches or walls. When we deliver the inflatable we will place it so as to avoid contact with these damaging surfaces.

The inflatable is not a sealed unit. It is therefore continually filled with air which comes from an electric blower. The blower is connected to your power supply by a sealed, heavy duty extension cord supplied by us. The extension cord also has a safety switch connected to it. Electricity usage is around 1 unit per hour per blower.


Yes and this can be found in the Castles tab under individual specifications for each castle.  You will be provided with a maximum and minimum  height sign for each castle.

This depends on the size of the castle and the ages of children using the Castle. Please see Castle descriptions for maximum users, age, weight and height  recommendations. Its the weight that counts! Remember safety is paramount and it is always better to have too few on, than too many.

No! Our castles are strictly for Children under 10yrs depending on the Castle. Toddler Castles are for under 5 years old and Commercial Grade Castles Under 10 Years Old. Please see castle descriptions for minimum and maximum height and weight limits. Adults can sit or stand on castles to assist younger children but jumping is not allowed.

The toddler castles may fit in your garage or large indoor room.  For intermittent light showers a tarpaulin can be placed over them however in persistent rain the castle will need to be taken indoors. The larger castles may not be able to be taken indoors therefore in the event of persistent rain the castle needs to be deflated and covered with a tarpaulin.  If the rain does not cease after 20-30 minutes then you will need to phone us to collect.

A part refund or re-booking option will be offered depending on how much of the hire time is still remaining. We will not deliver our Castles if it is raining! If it is raining on the day and is forecast to continue we will ring you to arrange another time. Bouncy castles really are NOT much fun in the cold and wet. If you have a party planned for the Autumn / Winter months, then we suggest either booking a hall to  use the inflatable in or having a back-up plan. Maybe consider a toddler Castle that will fit in your garage at home if it is for Under 5’s.

First check the power cord hasnt come unplugged or the RDC has tripped. Check the inflation tube is still attached and the blower hasnt been blocked.  If you cannt see an obvious problem then Contact us by phone asap and we will talk you through possible solutions.  If the problem can not be fixed and as long as its not due to miss use and less than half way into your hire time we will come out and replace it with another castle for the remainder of your Hire Period (replacement is dependant on availability ). If we cannot offer a replacement then other options will be discussed.

If the damage is considered by us to be malicious or due to misuse then your bond will be retained to cover the cost of repairs.  If the bond does not cover the cost of the repair you will be liable for the additional amount. If adults use a bouncy castle and it is damaged, then the above will also apply as these inflatables are specifically available for children only.

Yes the Deep Sea and Jungle castle are suitable for commercial events.  The Big Air Bounce and Happy Hop Obstacle Course are only suitable for small events such as at home parties or parties in a venue.

Yes we will supply safety Mats with our castles that require them.

Please keep streamers, poppers,  silly string etc away from any inflatable as they stain the vinyl !! Face Paint also stains the vinyl. Please make sure all children’s faces are completely dry prior to them jumping. You may also want to check that when children perspire the paint starts to run. Any streamer etc damage found on the inflatable at time of pick up or in bad cases when we clean the inflatable over the following seven (7) days will result in a cleaning charge of $40.

Soft Play and Party Packages

Yes as long as you have a flat grassed or paved area that is free from debri and dirt.  Gravel and dirt surfaces are not suitable.

You must cover the equipment with a tarpaulin or take it under cover as it cannot get wet.

All the equipment is cleaned between hires with detergent and Dettol including the ball pit balls, these are put in the washing machine with laundry detergent and a cup full of Dettol.  Dettol is proven to be effective in killing 99% of bacteria including the Coronavirus.

Big Screen

Yes as long as you have the space.  Don’t forgot about the height as well.

Yes the projector can be used with a computer, laptop, mobile phone, memory stick, hard drive, gaming consoles i.e. playstation and X box and DVD.  Click here for the full spec.